We are happy to inform you that assortment of PROTON brand was  increased by a new group of goods - "Voltage stabilizers".


Updated and long-awaited version of the Proton bestseller - combo system MИ-3000!


Two new models of electric drills appeared in the group of screwdrivers under brand PROTON In July.

Архив новостей

PROTON® is Ukrainian power tools brand which was created by “EDS-Group” corporation. It is based on our rich experience of more than 10 years in the field of power tools and garden equipment in Ukraine.

Tools under «PROTON®» brand are made for both home usage by craftsmen and operation by repair and construction gangs.
The assortment of our tools is constantly updating and developing because we are used to monitor the world power tools trends to keep our customers satified. Majority of our models are reworked and upgraded due to close cooperation with factories. Tools assortment is made to cover wide field of aplication and includes universal and specialized tools in it.

Reliability of the tools is provided due to three-step quality control (testing of components at admission, process of assembly, testing and culling after the assembly process) by control department that ensures stable serviceability and reliability of the tool from batch to batch. Products can be reconized acceptable after passing successfully bench tests only.

Our advantage is the integrated approach to sales, warranty service and maintenance. The total warranty on the entire range of products  under "PROTON®» brand is 12 months. The service centres network throughout the territory of Ukraine consists of 40 branches and it is constantly growing up.